Moroka Expeditions - Unveiling African Treasures

Moroka Expeditions is a local tour operating company based in Uganda providing tailor made tour packages in different beautiful East African countries of Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania.

While on a safari with Moroka Expeditions you will have a chance to see the breath taking and amazing landscape scenery, wildlife tours, birding and cultural tours as well as Mountain hiking. We ensure providing the best of our services along with our professional guides.

Our Top Safari Packages

3 Days Gorilla Trekking Safari

Uganda is well know to be a habitat for half of the world's remaining gorillas so it's now time to enjoy the adventure as you get Face to Face with the amazing gorillas on your three days trip.

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3 Days Murchison Falls Safari

Murchison Falls the only twin fall with Uhuru falls that are found in Murchison falls National Park, Murchison falls known to be the strongest fall in Africa with the most amazing history.

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6 Days Uganda Wildlife & Primate Safari

This 6 Days safari package will bring you to an exposure and an experience trip of the amazing wildlife and primates that include the gorillas, chimpanzees and many more.

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5 Days Uganda Primate Safari

Expect to get face to face with the amazing mountain gorillas, chimpanzees on this trip in Uganda, enjoy community walks to visit the different cultures and interact with the natives.

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Our Destinations and Birding Safaris


Uganda well known as the Pearl of Africa being one of the most hospitable countries in World. By nature the people of Uganda are generally welcoming and hospitable given the fact of the different tribes within the country. The country is home to half of the world's gorillas, get to view a wide range of wildlife including the big five as well birding trip experiences.

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Kenya is one of the countries forming the East African community. It's strategically located with an open coast to Indian ocean. She is blessed with quite a number of wildlife with mostly the cat family like Lions, cheetahs, Leopards among others. Enjoy a memorable cultural tour and get to be part of the community.

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Rwanda is the land of many beautiful Hills. The moment you enter into this wonderful country the first thing to welcome you are the many beautiful hills found in the country. The country is as well blessed with a number of gorillas in the volcanoes get face to face with these amazing primates on your safari.

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Zanzibar is an Island in the India Ocean that is one of the Islands of Tanzania. Enjoy an amazing holiday or honey moon tour on this amazing and beautiful Island visiting the amazing dolphins, Johani forest and a Stone tour.

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Tanzania is one country largely blessed with wildlife in the Savannah vegetation. The country's wildlife is well know of her wildebeest migration year round as well home to the big five and having a wide range of cats.

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Birding Safaris

Birding in Uganda is one of the most amazing activities if you to do you trip with us at Moroka Expedition. If you have a passion for birds, be sure of a memorable, exciting and amazing trip once you have us to prepare for this trip.

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